Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ten Hot Tips to Light Your Woman's Fire

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By Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed
1. Touch - Women are very tactile beings. They love to be touched and caressed. Hold her, massage her, tease and tantalize her playfully with your fingers. Don't go straight to the genitals, pay attention to her whole body.

2. Kisses - Deep passionate kisses are one of the biggest turn ons for a woman. Looking into her eyes or touching her face while kissing her can increase the arousal of the kiss. Kissing other parts of the body such as the neck, belly, inner thighs, buttocks, pelvis area surrounding the vagina, fingers and maybe even the feet for some can heighten her pleasure.

3. Emotional Connection - For women, sex is usually an emotional act as well as a physical act. The deeper the emotional connection, the better the sex will be for her and the deeper her desire for her lover will become. Share your feelings with your woman and express how you feel about her freely. For her, what goes on outside the bedroom is an important factor of what will occur in the bedroom.

4. Foreplay & Aferplay - There is nothing that is a bigger turn off for a woman than a lover who immediately begins penetration without tending to her body and mind. Just as important as foreplay is the period of time immediately following the sex, afterplay. Afterplay reinforces how a woman feels about the sexual experience and will have a great impact on how she responds to her lover in the future.

5. Make Her Feel Important - Women also need to feel important to their lover. Take an active interest in who she is as a person and what goes on in her life. Ignite your woman's passion by making her feel special, cherished and adored.

6. Value and Respect - For sex to be at its best, most women need to feel valued and respected by their lover. Her desire and level of satisfaction will grow deeper. She will want her lover more frequently and be more motivated to meet his sexual needs as well.

7. Listen - Women are more attracted to a man who listens to her and actually hears her. Being heard makes her feel important and valued, thereby increasing her feelings of intimacy with her lover and encouraging her to be free and uninhibited in her lovemaking. Her level of satisfaction is enhanced and her desire for her lover increased.

8. Show Her Your Passion & Desire - A woman wants to be wanted passionately. She wants to see your deep desire for her and feel how much you want her. Pursue her passionately and she will be a wild cat full of desire.

9. Take Your Time - The path to orgasm is just as fulfilling as the orgasm itself and the path is also important for enhancing her orgasmic experience. Take the long meandering road, savoring, pampering and adoring every part of her body along the way.

10. Be a Master of Oral - The majority of women cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse. Taking pleasure in delighting your woman orally is by far one of the most enjoyable ways for her to be satisfied.

Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed., is a sex advisor/educator and writer specializing in sexual intimacy and keeping the fire alive. She is also author of the hot new sex guide for couples titled, "Smoldering Embers-Hot Erotic Stories and Sex Tips to Light a Couple's Fire. Services, Books and a FREE Monthly EZine can be found at her website. or send any email to this address to subscribe to the FREE Newsletter

"Reprinted from Daily Press & Consumer Information"

Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Vibrating Wireless Thong For Him-Vibrating Wireless Thong For Him Go anywhere and when the time is right, turn on the discreet ZR-5000 wireless remote stimulator. Feel the rush of excitement as you or your partner controls the intensity of vibration. Enjoy the body enhancing, stretchy, comfortable and washable one-size-fits-most Lycra thong with discreet 2-way positioning pocket for anal or testicular stimulation with removable contoured self-stimulator. The powerful remote control works up to 12 feet away.Just be careful who you give the remote to! Uses 2 AA and 1 9V battery (included). This item sells elsewhere on the web for $89.00-$169.00 But is only $68.00 at Destinys !

Climaxxx Board Game- Climaxxx Board Game
The game for lovers that takes you and your partner through a dizzying array of sensuous thrills. Illustrated cards guide you through a series of sexy trails. But be careful! No matter how excited you get, you have to keep your passions in check. Otherwise, you lose the game! Youll find that finishing the game is a feat in itself!So take a deep breath, keep your cool, and let CLIMAXXX add a little spice to your evenings...Enjoy the game! Sells elsewhere on the web for $24.95-$32.00 but is only $21.26 at Destinys

101 Love Positions VHS-101 Love Positions VHSLovers, learn how to create greater excitement and more satisfaction in your intimate relationship with the one-hundred-and-one sexual positions demonstrated in this sensual guide to enhancement. Couples can become better lovers by experimenting with a variety of sexual positions. In this program, you'll see the best positions for woman and how a man can guide his partner to easily achieve orgasm with greater stimulation for the clitoris and special positions that lead to the incredible G-spot. Also, mens favored sexual positions are shown that provide him with the greatest potential for increasing the intensity and duration of his pleasure. And you'll learn about a series of unique positions that provide couples with deeper penetration and prolonged mutual pleasure. Highlighted by romantic music and indexed for easy reference, this program will teach lovers how to discover a whole new realm of sexual pleasure. Program features a complete positions index, erotic love gallery and sexual library. Total running time of 75 min. Only $17.40 at Destinys

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Hot Father's Day gifts for Hubby

Forget the ties, socks and T-shirts this year, give him something he will really enjoy and use! Over the next few days I will be listing different items as ideas to give your hubby/partner for father's day. So let's get started.

Triple-X Vouchers-Triple-X Vouchers 10 really hot sexual treats! These vouchers entitle you to a variety of sexual sensations. Present voucher, redeem sexual treat, and enjoy sexual pleasure. Super-silly and super-sexy cartoon vouchers featuring 10 red-hot sexual treats. Reward him this year. Manufactured by Gasworks, Inc. Only $3.95
These sex coupons are sure to please. Voucher owners are entitled to some of the following:
Masturbation Session
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Doggie Style Sex
Rodeo Sex
Oral Sex
and more....

Hugs & Kisses X-Rated Individual Coupon Book-Hugs & Kisses X-Rated Individual Coupon Book

Use these naughty coupons to spark up your love life. Get rid of those old blah nights, ho-hum weekends and what did we have for dinner last night yesterdays! Just rip out one of these coupons, place it on your lovers pillow and get ready for some excitement! Only $2.95

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Prolonging Cream


Give Her The Maximum Pleasure! A very mild non-toxic topical skin desensitizer in a specially compounded vanishing cream base. For external use only. To produce a temporary slight numbing effect over a desired area, apply and gently massage into skin ten minutes before contact.

Made in the USA 'myspace

Stronger Formula

Odorless & Tasteless


Contains benzocaine to desensitize the area


When applied 10 minutes before contact, this cream prolongs intercourse by slightly desensitizing the penis. For more erection control products visit Destinys

Monday, May 22, 2006

Babe Sheer Black Garterbelt Pantyhose

Babe Sheer Black Garterbelt Pantyhose-Made by Doc Johnson
These sexy black pantyhose are crotchless, and they are exposed at the sides! For all those turned on by pantyhose, you won't get enough of these! One Size Fits Most! (up to 160 lbs.) These make you feel sooo sexy and when you reveal them to your partner he will be so excited he won't be able to think straight! Being crotchless is a big plus if things get heated too quick.

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Tara - 9/24/2005 2:44:00 AM
The best $20.00 I have ever spent. I got what I was after and so did he. :D
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Sunday, May 21, 2006


From the award-winning director Joone comes the biggest epic in the history of adult films. This electrifying, swashbuckling sex-adventure takes you on a humorous and mystical journey through haunted seas and deep into the abyss of our most lustful desires… Pirates features deadly swordplay against skeleton warriors, Jesse Jane™ in her first girl/girl scene with Janine & Carmen Luvana, dirty pirate whores (Teagan Presley, Devon, Jenaveve Jolie and many more), awe-inspiring Incan magic, grandiose sea battles, loads of special features & hot extras within a 3 disc set, and 10 of the most arousing sex scenes in the history of erotic cinema! Run time 129 min.

Females: Carmen Luvana, Devon, Janine, Jesse Jane, Jenaveve Jolie, Teagan Males: Austin Moore, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn
Features: Disc 1:Interactive MenusChapter SelectionAudio CommentaryCompany Information

Disc 2:Behind the ScenesInspiration For Pirates ShortCasting VideoBloopersTrailersPhoto GalleryBehind the FXTrailer for PiratesCast Biographies

Disc 3:HD Version of PiratesHD Version of Behind The Scenes

CRITIC'S CHOICE! Reviewed by Dr. Jay from Adult DVD Reviews on Sep 30, 2005 see his full
review here

See what one of my customers have to say:

Many of the scenes were filmed aboard the HMS Bounty, at The Pier in St. Petersburg, Florida. The city of St. Petersburg, which owns The Pier, did not realize that the film was porn; the producers represented the film as a PG-13-level comedy for television.
The movie contains over 300 effects shots.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Romantic Ideas / Romance Kits

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Plan a picinic on a balcony, terrace, park, or beach if it's
raining or snowing have an indoor picinic on the livingroom floor using lots of finger foods, feed each other.

Rose petals - cover your lover's car with rose petals

Leave a trail of hersey kisses and at the end leave a note that says "I kiss the ground you walk on".

Get a box of candy and under each peice put a little note like "You're sweeter than this peice of candy" "You satisy my sweet tooth" "Your skin is creamier than this candy" etc.

Surround your mate with flower petals while she is sleeping.

Oh Starry Night - Go to the planetarium. What is a planetarium?
A planetarium is a room with a dome-shaped ceiling designed to reflect light. The planetarium can duplicate the motion of the stars and planets as they might be observed from any point on Earth using a projector or other type of device. It can easily simulate any complex motions of the heavens from any viewpoint. Sit in the back, That's where the best view is. If you don't know where to find a planetarium try this link

At-Home Version
Not all cities have a planetarium, and frankly, you may just want a cozy night at home for two instead. This at-home version fits the bill quite nicely.

First, you'll need to pick up a home version planetarium.
This will then transpose your ceiling into a replica of the night sky. Now, all you need to do is set the mood!

If you plan on doing this in your living room, bring out the pillows and blankets and make a cozy place to cuddle and stare at the stars. Then, plan a little indoor picnic. You can find plenty of information about the stars at here Sky Telescope

Make fun out of an old shoebox. Put your loved ones favorite candy, lovepoems and cover it all with rose peddles. To make the box look nice you could cover it with his/her favorite cartoons or better yet, pictures of you two together.

This is a cute idea! Take an empty pain reliever or prescription bottle and soak it in hot water to remove the label. After you remove the label, design your own label on paper, with something like the following: "Love Pills" - take one as needed. Then take strips of paper and write down the things you know will cheer her up. Take each strip and wad it into a little ball and place them in the bottle.

Twelve Romantic Dates
Twelve Romantic Dates-

Ignite your passion for romance with Twelve Romantic Dates! Enclosed you will find twelve unforgettable romantic dates for you and your loved one. Enjoy the excitement and anticipation of opening each tear and reveal card. What surprise date scenarios await you both? Simply choose a card from the satin bag weekly or monthly and prepare to sweep each other off your feet!

52 Weeks of Romance52 Weeks of Romance-

Sometimes, one small gesture is all it takes...Romantic thrills, unexpected surprises, passionate expressions of love and playful games of seduction are all flavors that you can expect to find inside 52 Weeks of Romance. Simply pull a card from the satin pouch and see what romantic surprise awaits you and your lover! 52 Weeks of Romance, holds a years supply of scratch and reveal cards with romantic I.O.Us, love notes, coupons, interludes, gestures and more...
Here is what one of my customers had to say about this great kit.

SuzieQ - 3/16/2006 9:03:00 PM
4 Stars:This is a great gift for a couple getting married, a bachelorette, fun and much appreciated. I came back to buy! Suzie from NY

Thursday, May 18, 2006

More Romantic Ideas

Ok guys, here are a few more simple, inexpensive things that you can do to help win points with your lady.

Eye contact -Make and keep eye contact, if you find it difficult to maintain eye contact, try looking at the spot on her forehead between the eyebrows (gives the illusion that you are looking in her eyes.) Eye contact relays the message that you are listening and focusing just on her -Very Important!

Whisper in her ear - Suprising her from behind- Very Effective!

Dance the night away... - Light some scented candles, turn down the lights, turn on some soft music, dance the night away.

Let her arise to a rose - In the middle of the night, put a rose outside her window with a little note telling her how much she means to you. Then call her in the morning and tell her to look outside her window. She will love it!

Reflection-Give her a hand mirror or compact and include a card that says "Inside you will find the most beautiful women in the world."

Flowers-Have a bouquet of flowers delivered to her work place, she will love the attention she will get from co-workers. -Works everytime!

Thoughtful-Leave a long stem rose where your partner will find it with a note saying "Thank you for coming into my life." -Simple but elegant!

Ice Cream for Two-Visit your favorite ice cream shop and share a banana split!

Just for fun-Plan an unusual time to meet such as 2:00 in the morning. Find a secluded area and just sit under the stars together on a blanket and snuggle- It's fun and exciting.

Key To My Heart-Purchase a key (colors are nice). Write a note to tell that special someone that the key that they hold, is the key to your heart. Leave the key and note somewhere that they will find it. They will love it, and the colored key will really stand out on the key ring. -Very sweet!

Fire and Stars -Pick your date up and have a rose (or her favorite flower) on the seat, take her to your house where you have a blanket set out by a fire you built outside and dinner fixed for her. Eat dinner, talk and star gaze! Shows a lot of thought and preparation on making her evening the best.

Online Hug-if you are in a long distance relationship, send an email with random letters like jfdluifjwekjfi. She/he will ask you what it's about. Then reply, "I wanna hug you so much I'm hugging the keyboard..." -Cute!

A very good year-With your computer, create special wine labels especially for your sweetheart. Stick them on your favorite bottles of wine, and share at any meal. -Shows imagination!

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Each woman has her own "hot buttons" and you want to pay special attention to those. But how do you discover them? A great way is to notice what she does for you. Does she send you notes and cards, or leave loving messages on your phone machine? Does she create surprises or special outings? Does she love to get dressed up and look pretty and sexy for you? When you notice her doing something romantic for you, write it down. Then, every once in a while, look at that list and do one of those things for her. She'll love you for it and, seeing the sparkle in her eyes can inspire you to become a natural at it.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Romance and Sex

This article is more to the benefit of the male population (Ladies, I'm doing us a favor). Of course couples who have lost that spark can use this information to get that fire burning again to.

Enough said, Guys, if your looking to get "laid", "lucky", "fucked" or what ever else you call it, there is something you need to know. Being romantic will get you there faster than any other method of seduction. (unless you want to pay for it) Why? Because most women want to feel like they actually mean something to you before jumping in the sack, we want to know that you care enough to want to do nice things for us. By being romantic you display both of these characteristics. Clue-less on how to be romantic? (most men are) Not to worry, I will be doing daily articles on romantic ideas to help you along.
Here is an easy one for you even if your not already in a relationship and just want a romantic idea for a date. Great fire-starter if you are in a relationship.

Before the date, get a packpack and fill it with the following: A blanket, sandwiches, cut up fruit in small cotainers, cheese, crackers, 2 plastic champagne or wine glasses and a bottle of her favorite beverage. Invite your date to go for a walk or hike. If she asks what is in the backpack, just tell her a jacket and some lunch. When you find a romantic spot (you're going to want to find this ahead of time) Open your pack and remove each item, leaving the the glasses and beverage for last. This little escapade will have her melting in no time.
Now here are some fast easy touches that you can add to almost any situation and turn the Ordinary into Romantic. It all starts with rose petals. 'myspace,Use rose petals as packing material for a gift. Bring some to the restaurant and sprinkle them on the table. Put some rose petals inside balloons ( if you put inside clear balloons, slightly wet the inside of the balloon and the petals will stick to the sides for a dramatic effect) -- or keep dry if you want someone to pop the balloon. Put some in a glass of champagne, or white wine. Making a trail out of them to lead to a place you want her to see. Float them ontop of a pond or lake you take her to. Float them ontop of bathwater. Sprinkle some on the bed (if you think tonight is the night).There are so many possibilities, just use your imagination. Well I think that's enough information for todays blog, as I said I will be posting new ideas daily.

Before I close I want to invite you to look at these Romantic Kits from my store Destinys. (shame-less plug) Sometimes, one small gesture is all it takes...These can help you create a wonderfully romantic interlude for under $15.00 (use this coupon number to get 10% off. 4187127951252006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Flirting Mistakes - 8 Things Not To Do

By Todd Peterson myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Being a good flirt has as much to do with not doing the wrong things as it does with doing the right things. Flirting is difficult because there's such a fine line between being successful and crashing and burning. It's so easy to do everything right, but then ruin all of your progress by making one of the all too common mistakes below.

1) Don't be crude
If you make obvious and nasty sexual innuendoes, you aren't being a turn on, you're being a pervert...unless you're a girl (then it's ok).

2) Don't ignore body language
Over 65% of communication is non-verbal. If you aren't actively looking at the way their body is shifting or what the person's eyes are saying, you're going to miss a lot of obvious signs that say "I'm into you, keep talking."...or..."You're a freak, and I don't want you around a second longer."

3) Avoid being overtly slick
It's fine to act cool, but don't go overboard. You won't seem like yourself...and that's not attractive.

4) Don't be silly
Flirting should make your target feel sexy and wanted, not entertained. You want to be perceived in a sexual way...not as the funny guy or girl.

5) Don't be excessively cute
If you act too cute (unsexy), you'll be seen as an innocent and nice person. That's great if you want to be just a friend, but not for anything more.

6) Cut your losses if it's obvious your actions aren't appreciated
If your flirtations are clearly visible and you aren't being flirted with back, it's time to pack it up and move on.

7) Don't show fear
Insecurity is perceived as a terribly unattractive sign of weakness. If you want to get your target to take you seriously, you've got to hide your nerves. This means no...stammering, fidgeting, wandering eyes (off into the distance), wavering voice, etc.

8) Avoid being overly touchy feely...unless you're a girl
This is specifically aimed at the guys. It's not appropriate to grope or touch a woman unless you know she likes you. If you aren't sure that she's into you, it's ok to lightly touch her shoulder or graze her arm...but that's it! Do not put your arm around her waist or constantly touch her shoulder or body. This will freak her out and make her feel terribly uncomfortable around you.

About the Author
Todd Peterson is the editor of the popular teen community

To read other romance articles written by Todd, visit:
Article Source:

Practical Sex Solutions – a real-life "Better Sex" memo

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Have you ever thought to yourself, "My sex life would be so much better if my partner was a just little more/less _________"? Yes, you have. It's happened. Human beings are all unique, with all sorts of physical and psychological variations that aren't always ideal for the ultimate sex life. Don't despair, however! Technology has brought us leaps and bounds forward in the search for sexual pleasure. Sex toys are no longer limited to cheap, plastic, phallic-shaped things. There is a wide variety of fun, useful products designed to improve our personal, loving sex lives and strengthen our relationships. So if the man of your dreams just happens to be a little under par in the size department, or you find yourself wanting more than he can give, it doesn't mean you can't have ultimately satisfying sex. Read on…

Problem 1: "He's too small"
There are a few solutions to this problem, if indeed this is a problem at all. Many men who are below average size-wise have learned to use other parts of their body to their partner's grateful benefit. But if his little guy just isn't satisfying you, there are quite a few things to try. First, try different positions: let him take you from behind while you squeeze your legs together, or lie on your back with your knees at your chest and your feet over his shoulders. These positions allow deeper penetration, tighten your vaginal canal and increase sensation for both of you. You can also have him try a penis enhancer. These come in all sizes and shapes to lengthen, thicken, support, and satisfy whatever need you both may have. Third, work your PC muscles. A good set of Smartballs, an updated version of Ben-Wa balls, will strengthen and tighten your internal muscles. With your vaginal muscles primed and toned, you'll be amazed at how much more you'll feel during sex.

Problem 2: "He's too big"
Sorry to disillusion you, guys, but bigger isn't always better. A huge member doesn't always guarantee pleasure; it can often cause pain for women with tight or short vaginal canals. The best solution to this problem is lots of foreplay! Spend lots of time getting her excited using your hands or mouth. When she's ready, slather on a healthy dollop of lubricant and ease in slowly. Silicone-based lubes tend to work best for easing the friction of a tight fit. If he's really long, try a set of penis donuts. These fit tightly at the base of the penis so he'll still receive stimulation, but they're wide enough keep him from going further in than she's comfortable with. Some positions to try: her on top, so she's in complete control of penetration and speed. Side-by-side also limits how deeply he can penetrate.

Problem 3: "He wants it all the time"
If your partner is always after you for sex, and you're never "in the mood," you may be setting yourself up for some serious long-term relationship problems. Try not to think of this as his problem; there are a number of solutions you can enact that can directly affect you. Some things to try:
*Make sure you're keeping a healthy sleep schedule – Not enough sleep leads to a reduction in testosterone, the hormone that gives you a healthy libido.
*Take active responsibility for your sex drive – Figure out what turns you on, don't leave it to your partner to guess. When you pinpoint what gets you in the mood, do it often, share it with your partner, whatever it takes to enjoy yourself.
*Identify and work out issues with your body image – The better you feel about your body, the more likely you are to enjoy sex. This may require a getting a gym membership or scheduling counseling.
*Initiate sex, even if you're not in the mood – By taking the reigns, you take control of the situation, which can be a major turn-on for you. You don't even have to go all the way. Oral sex or even manual stimulation will make your partner equally grateful, and can rev up your own lagging libido.
*Fantasize – Let your body and mind get in the mood without the pressure of having to perform or please someone else. Find a fun vibrator or other toy help you enjoy your alone time. The more you exercise your libido, the healthier it'll become.

Problem 4: "He doesn't want it as much as I do"
Biology has set us up for a cruel trick: as we age, a woman's sex drive goes up while a man's libido starts to fall behind. While many women fear this is because they have become less appealing to their partners, in most cases, this couldn't be further from the truth. Here are some things you can do to help yourself out:
*Masturbate – When you need to take the edge off, close the door, turn on some music, and spend some quality time with your favorite rabbit vibrator.
*Make sure it's sex you're after – Identify whether you're actually craving sex, or if you're looking for love, intimacy, affection, or a stress-reducer. There are other ways of receiving these without depending on sex.
*Know your partner's appetites – Learn what turns him on and off. Explore all the options of the things they enjoy, broaden your repertoire of sexual knowledge, and be sure to mix it up. A simple sex swing can make your sex lives seem brand new again.
*Utilize the quickie – Sex doesn't always have to be an hour-long excursion. Use lots of lubricant and make the most of whatever time you have.

Take an active role in improving your sexual happiness, and you'll find that you both benefit. Life changes over time, and your wants and needs will forwever be fluctuating, so be sure to communicate, work through whatever issues you may have together, and don't be afraid to try new things. Satisfaction comes to those who work at it!

Article Source:
Lance Russell is the author of the book "Recipes for Better Sex: 75 Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life." He is co-owner of

Monday, May 15, 2006

Time to spend Time on my Blog

I have been spending sooo much time on other blogs, I have neglected this one. So starting today I am going to spend more time getting this blog going and hopefully make some friends along the way. You will find that I am a sucker for graphics, so you'll see alot of them here. It is going to take some time for this to be a really good blog so be patient and check back often. I am new to actually controlling the look and set up of this site so bear with me.

I honestly feel like a fish out of water right now!

But I am willing to work hard to make this not only an informative site, while promoting my website Destinys but hopefully an enjoyable site also. So like I said, check back often to see if I have anything new.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just a little fun thing

Hi There, Here is something that I found to be really different and fun. Just roll your mouse over the the bar and let the fun begin.